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BUY IT NOW: $20 Off Pure Daily 3-In-1 Humidifier and Ionic Facial Steamer + Free Shipping

    This top trending beauty deal is the lifestyle steal of the season! Following yesterday's age-defying skincare savings round-up, I received requests for more dermatologist recommended products.

    Whether you've ever had a facial or microderm-abrasion treatment or spent hundreds of dollars on a dermatologist, every single expert will suggest you use a facial steamer to remove the impurities from your skin. You can now use that same technology in your home, on your terms and for under $40.

    From clogged pores, to adult acne, blackheads and the build-up of make-up and other products under the surface of your skin, facial steamers are your key to removing those toxins.

    How many times per day do you look in the mirror and stress over a blemish, wrinkle or something that you wish wasn't there? If you have a student heading back to school, a pronounced pimple or acne can actually be enough to ruin their day.

    The DailyCare nano-streamer can eradicate most of the factors that contribute to problem skin. The deal I found also score you two free spa facial masks (which are worth $20 each). Click the play button to see this deal in action!

    Features of the DailyCare nano-streamer

    • 3-in-1 ionic facial steamer
    • Works as a steamer, humidifier and towel warmer!
    • Removes blackheads and blemishes
    • Helps improve blood circulation, oxygen absorption and sinus drainage
    • The same technology used by all spas and estheticians
    • Gives you the perfect facial in minutes
    • Recommended by all dermatologists
    • Nano steam with negative ionic particles penetrates the skin
    • Lowest-recorded price includes two bonus pore cleaning facial masks

    $20 Off Pure Daily 3-In-1 Humidifier and Ionic Facial Steamer + Free Shipping

    • Was: $59.99
    • Now: $39.99

    ***Includes two free facial masks (valued at $20 each)


    Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this Station, Amazon and others. He is not compensated by the brands featured here. This Station and its parent company may receive a share of the revenue from the site that sells the product if you purchase one of these products using the link on this page.