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BUY IT NOW: $40 off LipLuxe Lip Treatment Balm and Scrub Set with free shipping

If I hear one more thing about the Kylie Jenner's lips, I'm going to lose my mind. Needless to say, if your lips need some help, one of her favorite products for "those perfect lips" is a top deal today as she continues to promote this on her YouTube channel. I can also attest to its effectiveness.

Whether you want or need kissable lips this Valentine's Day, I just finished testing a product that can winterize your lips and further protect your face from the elements.

Let me paint a picture for you. Your lips are chapped and cracked, and whatever lip balm or chapstick you're constantly applying provides temporary relief but doesn't actually remedy anything!

In my quest to save you cash, a Valentine's Day promotion on a top trending beauty product that's ben shown on Amazon, QVC and HSN live programming is more than a cover-up for a problem we all face.

Let's actually think about our face for a second. In the winter you can moisturize all you want but that is only a temporary solution. To actually treat chapped skin, you need to scrub away the dead skin. Your lips are no different and a scrub always needs to accompany the balm a few times per season. Any dermatologist will echo those sentiments.

If you're like me and dealing with chapped, crack and unhappy lips especially in the winter, the Mizzi Cosmetics LipLuxe Balm and Scrub system is a great grab and also a fun gift. I'm happy I tested this: it works and results are visible after just one application.

Click the play button to see this set up-close!

Features of the Mizzi Cosmetics LipLuxe Lip Treatment:

  • The top trending lip beauty products endorsed by Kylie Jenner
  • Made with 100% natural whipped based vegan ingredients
  • Made with coconut oil, lemongrass, local honey, grapefruit essential oil
  • Incredibly effect: noticeable results after just one use
  • Special Valentine's Day promotion and lowest price
  • Treat yourself or give it as a gift this Valentine's Day

BUY IT NOW: $40 off LipLuxe Lip Treatment Balm and Scrub Set with free shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $29.99


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