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BUY IT NOW: 50 percent off Nike Quarter Zips with free store pick up from Macy's

I've been watching the clock for this deal to drop! Using an algorithm I developed almost two decades ago to chart and predict price drops, I had a very good idea this sale from Black Friday would return right now.

Enough about me. Today it's all about you and one of my favorite breathable zips. Although this Nike quarter-zip is advertised as "for men," it's ideal for anyone with different size and color combinations.

Great for the spring or to wear under a coat on the coldest days of the year, this activity-ready sweater and hoodie alternative is winner. If you bike, hike, run, walk the dogs for extended periods of time or often find yourself unzipping a coat or outer layer to get more comfortable, this is something to consider.

With 70 virtually-perfect reviews and highly breathable thanks to ventilation - in addition to a really cozy neck to keep you warm - I don't expect this deal to last long.

You can use the free store pick-up option and pick this up at a Macy's by placing your order online or you can pay their very highly offensive $10.95 shipping fee — unless you place an order that's more than $49.

Happy Savings!

BUY IT NOW: 50 percent off Nike Quarter Zips with free store pick up from Macy's
Was: $40.00
Now: $20.00


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