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BUY NOW: 50% Off FOUR Boxes Of Pur-Feet Healing Kits + Free Shipping

How can you put your best foot forward every day if your foot feels tired and in need of some pampering? I'm on my feet all day. I pretty much stand for a living. Whether I'm on my feet for the 6 hours straight during which I host live TV segments or the additional 7 hours after that where I'm on a different set hosting programming for Amazon, I need some help!

Luckily, as a professional deal hunter and novice foot caretaker, I spoke to a podiatrist and a dermatologist to find a solution and test them out. If you haven't yet seen foot scrubs or foot masks (similar to facial masks but more like a pedicure), they are everywhere!

A foot mask is designed to exfoliate, moisturize and pamper your feet. The best products like "Pur Feet" take it a "step" further to reduce and eliminate foot bacteria.

I've now completed two foot masks and here are my findings. I was amazed to see my feet peel. Yes  - dead skin and other unsightly findings that would be removed during a pedicure disappear while your feet cozy and loved.

Unlike competing products, the Pur Feet exfoliation masks are also built so you can walk while the luxury spa treatments go to work. Put one sock on your left foot, the other on your right and you will be pleasantly shocked by the impact (and the savings).

Click the play button to see my new favorite product for happy and frugal feet!

Features of the Pur Feet exfoliation mask:

  • Gently exfoliates calluses and dry patches
  • Hydrates dry skin
  • Rejuvenates new skin
  • Benefits of a pedicure and spa scrub for a fraction of the cost
  • Makes feet feel softer and smoother
  • Box contains left and right treatment socks
  • Includes 4 boxes!!!!

BUY IT NOW: 50% Off FOUR Boxes Of Pur-Feet Healing Kits + Free Shipping
Was: $49.99
Now: $24.99

***This is a foot rejuvenator and peel. Your foot will peel. This dermatologist approved and tested product is designed to help your feet peel similar to what you would experience during a microderm pedicure. 


Who is Matt Granite?

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