BUY IT NOW: Save over $50 on the Sable Heated Massage Chair Pad

  • WHAT IS THIS? A heated, deep-tissue chair paid massager
  • WHO WOULD THIS BE PERFECT FOR? Those with back, shoulder, or back tension, anyone dealing with stress
  • WHY SHOULD YOU BUY THIS? You can get a powerful shiatsu massage anytime from your home or office

If you’re looking for an affordable way to relieve stress and tension after a long day, look no further than the Sable Heated Massage Chair Pad. Rather than spending hundreds getting professional massages all the time, just place this pad on any chair in your home or office and start to decompress.

This chair pad is designed with multiple shiatsu massage nodes for your neck, shoulders, and back, as well as a vibrating seat to bring you deep tissue relief for your muscles.  It gives you a perfectly customized massage with controls for heat, vibration, and specific target areas and is conveniently operated via remote control. On top of massaging your neck, shoulders, and back, the Sable Chair Pad can also improve your blood circulation by heating up to 113 degrees Fahrenheit, the optimal temperature for your body to rest and repair itself after a stressful day.

The Sable Heated Massage Chair Paid is typically $136, but you can get it now from for just $80 — a savings of forty one percent.

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