BUY IT NOW: Get $50 off on Eureka Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner

Unless your pet is hairless, you probably know a thing or two about shedding. Aside from having to constantly make use of a lint roller before you leave the house, you’ll have to deal with a constant fuzzy coating all over your carpets and floors. It’s just part of the deal when you add a furry friend to the family. Fortunately, there are specialty cleaning tools for your situation, like the Eureka Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner.

This specialty Eureka is designed specifically for sucking up your animal hair. AirSpeed technology circulates the air in a way that makes removing hair easier and more efficiently than a standard upright vacuum. Once the hairs, dander, and other particles get into the vacuum, a special filter prevents any of it from exhausting back into the house, which can be a major lifesaver if you suffer from allergies.

With 5 height settings, a motorized brush roll, and a dedicated dusting brush, this vacuum works to attack the corners and crevices in your home that typical vacuums can’t reach. Oh, and the washable, reusable dust cup is more eco-friendly than using a bagged vacuum. Just plug it in and clean your space up to 27 feet away with the retractable cord.

Usually $140, you can get the Eureka Pet Upright Vacuum Cleaner from for just $90. Just in time to clean up for your holiday gatherings!

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