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Did you know that in the last 36 hours alone, more than 300,000 deals appeared on That is a crazy number of reductions in categories that may or may not appeal to you and it can be very overwhelming.

As a consumer reporter, I have the advantage of having collected your requests and input toward what products are the most practical for our region — and which deals are the most timely within our community.

I've made my list and I've checked it more than twice and the top 11 Amazon deals for the month of May are all categorized and waiting for you below. I should mention, prices can change VERY quickly on Amazon. Something that is on sale today may not be on sale in a few hours and the reductions come in waves.

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Happy Savings!

Up to 40 percent off Instant Pot multi-cookers with free shipping
Was: $79.95
Now: $47.99
**Price will fluctuate in 24 hours

$200 off HP Pavillion laptops with free shipping
Was: $499.99
Now: $299.99

$90 off Blink XT security cameras with free shipping
Was: $229.99
Now: $139.99

$30 off Toshiba Smart TV Fire edition with free shipping
Was: $180.00
Now: $149.99

$30 off top-rated digital photo frames with free shipping
Was: $89.99
Now: $59.99
***Save an additional 5% with coupon box on sales page

81 percent off SanDisk 64GB memory cards with free shipping
Was: $59.99
Now: $11.99

$30 off MyQ smart garage door opener with free shipping
Was: $79.99
Now: $49.99

$45 off Keter outdoor bench and storage set with free shipping
Was: $169.99
Now: $124.99

20 percent off above ground swimming pools with pump and free shipping
Was: $140.49
Now: $111.00
**Clip coupon for the additional $3 off to lower the price

90 percent off Better Homes & Gardens annual magazine subscription
Was: $47.88
Now: $5.00
**Select the auto-renewal option to lower the price

68 percent off Levi's Men's RFID protected wallet with Prime shipping
Was: $24.00
Now: $7.79


Who is Matt Granite?

  • Matt Granite is a freelance consumer reporter who produces stories and video for this Station, Amazon and others. He is not compensated by the brands featured here. This Station and its parent company may receive a share of the revenue from the site that sells the product if you purchase one of these products using the link on this page.