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BUY IT NOW: $20 Off 8 Pack LyfeLite LED Bulbs + Free Shipping

It’s the smartest light bulb I’ve ever seen - but not in the sense that you’re thinking. Imagine a world where in the event of an emergency, storm or power outage, all of your lights continue to function without the use of a generator!

The LyfeLites are a bright eco-efficient light bulb. In the event of a power outage, each LyfeLite bulb has a built-in battery back-up and will stay lit without any electricity for around eight hours. It’s a brilliant concept.

As we approach storm season and a winter that’s often filled with wind, power outages and blackouts, if you live with kids, senior citizens or simply don’t want to sit in the dark, the LyfeLite emergency LEDs are the ultimate replacement for every bulb you currently have in your house.

In the event of a power outage during daylight hours, the LyfeLites have their own independent switch for the battery back-up so you can turn them on when you decide. More importantly, they charge and re-charge every time they’re turned on for regular use.

The LyfeLite bulbs fit in to any lamp or fixture where you would use any regular light bulb. There’s nothing to do other than screw in the light bulb and feel much more secure the next time the power goes out. Click the play button to see the LyfeLite in action.

Features of the LyfeLite LED lights

  • Rechargeable battery-back up built inside each bulb
  • The safest and most responsive emergency lighting
  • LED life guaranteed with at least 10,000 hours of use
  • Shatter-proof design and sleek construction
  • An excellent bright energy-efficient light bulb
  • Great for seniors, kids and requires no complicated installation
  • Each bulb lasts up to eight hours without any power running through it
  • Lowest-recorded price today

$20 Off 8 Pack LyfeLite LED Bulbs + Free Shipping

Was: $49.99

Now: $29.99


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