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BUY IT NOW: $30 Off TWO Woodulisten Bluetooth Stereo Speakers + Free Shipping

My favorite wireless deal of the week combines a beautiful aesthetic with great audio quality. In fact, the Bluetooth bargain I’ve hunted down will be listed as a Black Friday doorbuster on Amazon for the exact same price that I’ve found today.

Several years ago, I unboxed one of the most beautiful and powerful boomboxes I’ve ever tested made entirely out of wood. The wood enhanced the audio in ways I had never heard before and I’ve been waiting a long time for a more portable option. That day has arrived and it’s awfully frugal!

If you are still listening to your music through your smartphone speakers or some dinky portable speaker, today we cut the cord and the price with the Woodulisten Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speakers. Not only do these speakers work with both the Amazon Alexa voice service and Google voice but they pair wirelessly with virtually any device and with each other. That means you get true wireless stereo sound out of speakers that pack some serious punch.

You can ask an audio engineer like I did: natural wood gives your music, podcasts and voice calls a dimension you won’t hear from plastics or aluminum. Packed with a powerful audio driver, you will get powerful room-filling sound from a truly tiny and eye-catching package.

Click the play button to see my favorite Bluetooth deal up close and to sample some audio.

Features of the Woodulisten Wireless Mini Bluetooth Speakers:

  • True wireless stereo technology; you an use the speakers as a pair or independently
  • 100 percent wireless with additional wired option for older smartphones / tablets
  • Hands free with Google and Alexa
  • Quick-charging rechargeable batteries allow for at least six hours of use without the base
  • Ready for the gym, hiking, beach-side or for upcoming travel
  • True wireless stereo pairing allows for the connection of a second unit
  • Features premium aluminum drivers
  • Outperformed competing products at triple the price
  • Lowest-recorded deal price today
  • Will be listed as a Black Friday doorbuster at the exact same price
  • Score it today without lining up!

BUY IT NOW: $30 Off TWO Woodulisten Bluetooth Stereo Speakers + Free Shipping

Was: $79.99

Now: $49.99

***Want just one speaker? You can buy it here for $29.99


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