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BUY IT NOW: $70 off Decibel Sound Molecule self-charging headphones with power bank case and free shipping

I am presented with at least a dozen different pairs of headphones to review every month and I have never seen or heard anything like the Decibel Sound Molecules. 

My sound-testing journey for this particular product began this past January in Las Vegas during CES 2019. I was a presenter and I hosted a live show that focused on portable tech, the smart home and audio. The Sound Molecules were on display and billed as "the world's smallest bluetooth headphones with the biggest sound." 

They proved to provide superb audio, but that may not be their most noteworthy feature. The Sound Molecules can charge a smartphone with the most ingenious carrying case I've ever seen. Just plug your phone into the case — which includes a power bank — to give your phone a boost!

That built-in power bank also can re-charge the Sound Molecule headphones in about 60 minutes. The headphones feature 80 hours of standby time and can stream audio for three continuous hours.

They also offer improved bass, clarity and noise isolation for better phone calls — as well as the ability to charge your phone without plugging into a wall outlet!

Simply re-charge the DCM phone case every few days and your headphones or smartphone will get the juice and the boost they need. Click the play button to see this deal in action.

Features of the Decibel Sound Molecule headphones:

  • Sound molecule phone and case will charge your smartphone on the go
  • Headphones recharge when they're placed in case for one hour straight
  • Headphones fit comfortably inside any ear type (watch my jumping tests)
  • Ideal for the gym, a commute, yard work and travel
  • Perfect graduation gift for students or a Father's Day gift
  • Lowest-recorded price since CES 2019 launch
  • Replaces the need to carry a power bank
  • Temporarily eliminates the need for a wall outlet charge
  • Outperformed headphones at triple the price
  • Completely wireless hands-free calling with audio alerts
  • The most innovative headphone product I've ever tested!

BUY IT NOW: $70 off Decibel Sound Molecule self-charging headphones with power bank case and free shipping
Was: $129.99
Now: $59.99


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