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BUY IT NOW: $14 Off True LED Omnidirectional Indoor / Outdoor Lanterns + Free Shipping

The brightest LED lantern I've ever tested in its lumens class sold out last month when I attempted to feature the deal at the start of storm season. In time for Halloween, this deal is now back on sale where if ordered early enough in the day, certain parts of our region may receive same day delivery before 5 p.m. Regardless of whether you receive this LED lantern in time for Halloween this year, it has infinite uses.

It's a deal every trick-or-treater will wish they had on hand this Halloween and easily the best $16 you'll spend on something other than candy.

Imagine being able to illuminate any dark path or to increase your visibility at night with the click of a button. From dog-walking to trick-or-treating, one LED steal is perfect for Halloween, storm season, power outages and more.

This top LED lantern I tested is collapsible so it can be placed in a glove compartment, emergency drawer, laundry room, utility closet or anywhere else in your home.

At $15.99 per unit — which is an insane discount — you will have all the power you need built into one light. With just one set of NON-INCLUDED AA batteries, these lights worked for 76 hours straight in my tests.

In the four hours this deal lasted before it sold out last month, I heard from some of you concerned that you found other lanterns for $12 at dollar stores or hardware stores. I can assure you that I've tested those models and nearly nine other different competitors and this specific unit is much brighter.

Click the play button to see the LEDs in action and my special Halloween costume.

Features of the True LED Omnidirectional Indoor / Outdoor Lanterns:

  • Ideal for trick-or-treating and any activity at night
  • Fully collapsible and extremely portable
  • The best and brightest LED flashlight / lantern system ever seen at this price
  • Safe for use outdoors and indoors
  • Will not get hot and is extremely energy efficient
  • Blackout-ready, storm-ready and ideal for any emergency situation
  • Collapsible lanterns each include 30 super-bright LEDs
  • Can be hung with handles or used on a stand
  • Ideal for tents, camping, outdoor activities and dark nights
  • 60 lumens of 360-degree omni-directional light
  • Tested brighter and more power-efficient than competitors

BUY IT NOW: $14 Off True LED Omnidirectional Indoor / Outdoor Lanterns + Free Shipping

Was: $29.99

Now: $15.99


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