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BUY IT NOW: The EcoEgg laundry detergent that can handle 720 washes, with free shipping

The top household product I've ever tested is something I've been using since last year and that has already saved me hundreds of dollars.  It's an award-winning, natural laundry product that does an incredible job with both colors and whites and that takes care of three years' of laundry for under $35!  

The EcoEgg — which also was picked as a top 2018 product by the "Today Show" to improve your life — completely replaces laundry detergents and their harsh chemicals. Just pop it in the drum of your washing machine and the mineral pellets produce powerful cleaning foams that lift stains, dirt and grime

Think about how much you spend right now on laundry detergent filled with chemicals that can easily compromise the integrity of your fabric. If you have sensitive skin or you're a new dad like I am, you want to be careful about the type of detergent comes into contact with your infant's clothing.

The EcoEgg lasts for a whopping 720 loads — the equivalent of three years for the average family. I've been using this product since the start of this year and I could not be more pleased with its cleaning ability and practical use.

Click the play button to see the EcoEgg in action in my home!

Features of the EcoEgg:

  • Completely natural and dermatologically tested for sensitive skin.
  • Lasts for three years or 720 loads.
  • Effectively cleans to remove dirt, grime and power through fibers.
  • Gentle on clothing despite an effective, thorough clean.
  • Picked as a top product for 2018 by the "Today Show."
  • Award-winning and environmentally efficient.
  • Easy to use and ideal for any home or washer.
  • Works with both high efficiency and standard washers.
  • Does not require any other detergent or additives.

BUY IT NOW: The EcoEgg laundry detergent that can handle 720 washes, with free shipping
Was: $40.00
Now: $34.99
****Buy more than one kit and price drops to $29.99


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