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BUY IT HERE: $25 Off Pur-Stream Wireless Flosser By Coredy + Accessories + Free Shipping

This is one of my favorite gadgets, and it sold out in 90 minutes when it hit market early spring.

As many people know, dentists recommend flossing as the no. 1 way to prevent cavities. Did you know it also prevents gum cancer? Dental picks and water flossers have been around for a while but they are usually very expensive and have terrible batteries. That same high-pressured water hose that a dentist uses to keep your teeth clean is now part of the technology in a top-rated gadget.

Water flossers will remove 99 percent of the harmful plaque on your teeth while bringing a dentist's professional cleaning to your home.

The best part is using one of these means you never have to use dental floss again.

Click the play button to see the Pur-Stream Wireless Flosser in action.

- Whitens teeth after just one week of use
- Ideal for those who drink coffee, tea or wine
- Your teeth will feel cleaner after just one use
- Removes 99 percent of all plaque
- No. 1 dentist- and doctor-recommended product
- Can be used in addition to a traditional or electric toothbrush
- Reaches hard to access areas of your mouth
- Recommended for braces and dentures
- 100 percent waterproof
- Rechargeable and portable
- One battery charge lasted two weeks in our tests!
- Lowest-recorded price today

$25 Off Pur-Stream Wireless Flosser By Coredy + Accessories + Free Shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $44.95


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