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BUY IT HERE: $18 Off 12 Top Rated Rated Monster Scrubby Sponges + Free Delivery

The sponge you use to clean your house can finally get a big upgrade.

In my quest to save you cash and celebrate made in the USA savings, we have another winner on our hands today. Say hello to the Monster Scrubby. This infomercial favorite is mildew resistant, safe for the entire bathroom and kitchen - plus it won't scratch anything. It's also finally on sale.

If you've ever experienced those disgusting sour milk smells on your dish or kitchen sponges, you're probably aware of how bacteria and mold-filled those scrubbers can be.

Similar to the Mr. Clean magic eraser, but even more environmentally-friendly, the Monster Scrubby sponge scrubs away marks on multiple surfaces. It's also dishwasher safe. You can finally control the bacteria and scrub with a sponge that's ideal for cars, stainless steel, refrigerator shelves, tire rims, hot tubs, and more.

Click the play button to see the sponge in action.

Benefits include:

- Made in the USA and environmentally-friendly
- Safe for both indoor and outdoor use
- 100 percent scratch free cleaning
- Will remove marks on walls, counters, and countless other surfaces
- Ideal for any bathroom or kitchen cleaning
- Odor-free and dishwasher safe
- Great for use inside washers and dryers
- Safe for rims, tires, stainless steel and patio furniture
- Lowest-recorded price today

$18 Off 12 Top Rated Rated Monster Scrubby Sponges + Free Delivery
Was: $48.00
Now: $29.99


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