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BUY IT NOW: $230 off 360Fly HD VR Spherical Action Camera with free shipping

At a time where so many of us are enticed by the action of the Super Bowl, I thought I would bring you an HD VR camera that can capture any exciting moment and all of your memories moving forward.

Do you ever watch the Big Game, an action movie or favorite sporting event and think: "How did they capture that?" Today a camera capable of documenting the most fast-paced moments is one of the best tech deals this year.

The life-proof 360Fly HD Virtual Reality camera is one-of-its-kind both in design and performance. This palm-sized spherical camera uses a single ultra-fisheye lens that incorporates a 240-degree field of view. The design is ingenious. It's shockproof, dust-proof and waterproof. I've also found this gadget at almost 80 percent off today as part of a Super Bowl promotion.

Another favorite component: you no longer need to scramble for memory cards. The 360fly has built-in storage so you can record three hours of HD quality video. It also live streams to social media and syncs to both Apple and Android devices.

I predict this will be one of the top sellers much later this year as we approach the holiday season. And although also a little early, this is an incredible graduation gift.

Click the play button to see this design up close. 

Features of the 360Fly HD Virtual Reality camera:

  • Shoots spectacular 360-degree HD VR video
  • Palm-size device is completely life-proof
  • Rugged design is resistant to water, dust and sand
  • Live stream to social media including Facebook and YouTube
  • Free app allows you to quickly edit on the fly
  • Lowest-recorded price today
  • Ideal for capturing unpredictable weather
  • Great for camping, hiking, biking, extreme sports and water activities
  • 10 times more durable than your smartphone and at a fraction of the price
  • Includes three hours of HD built-in video storage

BUY IT NOW: $230 off 360Fly HD VR Spherical Action Camera with free shipping
Was: $299.99
Now: $69.99


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