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BUY IT NOW: $20 Off Super Lean Waffle and Pancake Mix

Imagine being able to eat pancakes and waffles and still get in shape! It sounds absurd but today in my quest to help you save money, we're also saving your waist line and getting a jump start on back-to-school breakfasts.

Who doesn't like pancakes, waffles or muffins? The top instant breakfast batters are not only a bargain this week - they're also beneficial to your health.

Made with top-of-the-line egg white proteins and completely delicious, these viewer-requested breakfast blends can help you lose weight, drop fat and get fit while saving money. No other pancake and waffles – even protein pancakes on the market - are made with egg white protein, the highest absorbable protein available.

Click the play button to hear some insight from USA Today contributor, TV's Dr. Derek. Benefits include:

- Pancakes are absolutely delicious and made with the top ingredients

- No additional eggs needed in the batter (all others mixes require extra eggs)

- 30 servings included in the bag (most other mixes contain 10 for the same price)

- Low carb, paleo- and keto-friendly, glueten-free and has no cholesterol

- Doctor-approved and nutritionist-recommended

- Keeps your blood sugar level low, helps you to lose weight, drop fat and get fit

- Ideal back-to-school breakfast for parents and families

- The top-selling breakfast mix on the market in the USA for August 2018

- Made of all USA ingredients

$20 Off Super Lean Waffle and Pancake Mix

Was: $59.99

Now: $39.99


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