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BUY IT NOW: $43 Off Vestia Automatic Vacuum Sealing Food Storage System + Free Shipping

It’s a perfect price drop for the busy parents preparing back-to-school meals, as well as any household on a budget. How much food do you unwillingly waste each week?

Families in our region typically throw out one third of the food they buy. The average person wastes $2,400 worth of food per year, which is about $50 per week. My favorite deal on Amazon today can keep your food fresh up to six times longer.

Food does not often stay fresh or hold up well until a promised expiration date. You can now change that and save some serious cash. Think of some of the items you have in your pantry. From cereal, to cashews, gourmet cookies, baguette, biscotti or a beautiful piece of banana cake, those costs add up fast. Now think about all the containers and plastic bags you buy to extend the life of that food. They're not often effective and that food still goes bad quickly.

You can now change that with one of the coolest contraptions I've tested: a food vacuum sealer system on sale for under $35. It also doubles as a food storage system!

The automatic Vesita re-pressurization feature seals in freshness and acts as a child-proofing mechanism for storing medications or goods.

Put a piece of chicken or pork and into a Vestia container with your favorite spices and sauce. You can then vacuum seal the freshness with a whole new level of flavor.

Click the play button to see the system in action in my home.

Features of the Vestia Automatic Vacuum Sealing Food Storage System:

Seven piece (three container) set can accommodate all different types of food and portion sizes

Sealing system works with each different container and operates in seconds

System can double as child-proof storage solution for medications

Month date tracker on each container lets you set your own freshness dates

Easy to clear, simple to operate, lowest-recorded price today

$43 Off Vestia Automatic Vacuum Sealing Food Storage System + Free Shipping

Was: $70.00

Now: $26.99


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