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BUY NOW:  $30 Off Victrola Vintage 3 Speed Bluetooth Turntable + Free Shipping

Today it's a tale of old meets new and the best deal I've ever "recorded" (no pun intended) on a Bluetooth vinyl record turntable.

I'm sure you don't need me to tell you about the resurgence of vinyl. Vinyl is "in." Victrola, the company that was there in 1906 since the beginning - is back with a vengeance and the savings are spectacular.

That old-school turntable you or your parents grew up with, is now enhanced with a newly improved needle and quickly adjustable three-speed technology. The addition of  Bluetooth is brilliant. While countless new artists release their music on vinyl, many of us are also tied to our favorite streaming services and playlists. The beauty of Bluetooth streaming is you can now share your favorite digital music with the stereo speakers in the Victrola.
To make matters even more exciting, this Victrola turntable is highly portable. It's built into a classic luggage design and is loaded with all of the previously mentioned features plus a 3.5mm aux-in jack that can connect to a stereo system alongside a headphone jack. 

The sound is solid, the design is beautiful and the price is unbelievable

Click the play button for a demonstration and audio demo.

Features of the Victrola Vintage 3-Speed Bluetooth Turntable + Free Shipping:

- Timeless design and great conversation piece
- Fully featured with vintage enhancements
- Three-speed turntable plays any album  (33 1/3, 45, 78 RPM)
- Stream directly from a smartphone or tablet in seconds
- Lightweight and highly portable
- Great for parties and gatherings
- High quality needle head, protective compartments and adapter
- Lowest recorded promotional pricing today

BUY NOW:  $30 Off Victrola Vintage 3 Speed Bluetooth Turntable + Free Shipping
Was: $69.99
Now: $39.99


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