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BUY IT NOW: 43 percent off Columbia Klamath Range Half Zip Fleece

Fleece and frugality are rarely two words that work in tandem this time of year. With temperatures plunging across the country this week (parts of Arizona were at 20 degrees at the time I wrote this article today, and I'm traveling there this President's Day), I was delighted to see this deal drop!

Typically when demand is at its highest, prices are too. The rule of supply and demand applies to sales across the board. It's not that stores raise prices whens shoppers are flocking toward a product, they just remove incentives or promotions.

That makes today's Columbia fleece sale even more exciting. The nice thing about a zip fleece is they function as warmth reinforcement under a heavier jacket. Fleece zips also serve as a primary coat or jacket in the spring (or a perfect clothing item if you're not facing the wrath of mother nature in your region right now).

I've been a big fan of Columbia for years. I consider this brand to be pretty much on par with The North Face at a fraction of the price. While Columbia doesn't accompany the same extreme brand appeal, I've never met anyone who has any issues sporting a Columbia article of clothing.  

The deal I found today scores you the Klamath Half Zip fleece at almost half price. Although designated as a men's clothing item, this is also unisex and I know more than a few women who are purchasing my recommendation today.

There were plenty of size options at the time this article was written. The Columbia Rewards program is free to join and that will score you free shipping. This sale is expected to last 48 hours.

BUY IT NOW: 43 percent off Columbia Klamath Range Half Zip Fleece
Was: $34.99
Now: $19.98


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