CLEVELAND — Over the past few years parents and college kids have been spending hundreds, sometimes thousands of dollars to decorate their dorm rooms. And they may look nice, but there's still the problem of where to put everything in those tiny rooms.

I don't know if it was the same for you, but I remember walking into my door room Freshman year and gasping. Forget the room size (with no storage space) it was the closet that killed me. Then there was the fact my bed was only four feet away from my roommate. But jumping ahead a few (ahem) years, last week I went dorm decorating at Cleveland State University with some products I wish I knew about back then. Because as fun as it is decorating your dorm room...when you're done...reality sets in for some, when you realize the size limitations.

"You've got to do some things that are outside the box," says CSU Sophomore Alexis Smith. "You have to figure out how you're gonna make the most of what space you were given."

CSU Senior Elise Holdsworth is lucky, she's got a single, so she doesn't need to worry about privacy. But for those with roommates, there's the Balfour Room Divider with storage space.

It took a few minutes to put together...but everyone loved the fact that no one can see you when you're snoring or drooling on yourself.

Alexis says "Not only can you have your privacy but you can have some extra storage which is important."

Now, to create more closet room there's the Simple Housewares Hanging Organizer which adds six shelves of space.

"It just makes it look less cluttery in my opinion," says Elise. 

Another space saver...Richard's Homeware's Bed Risers which raise furniture by about seven inches.  And here's something else to get charged up about...the riser has regular and USB power outlets.

"The height difference of these risers is significant If you actually put it under your bed you'd be able to have even more space," said Alexis.

And having a charging port makes them perfect for the ten-foot Matein Charging Cable. It comes with two three-foot cables as well. The downside, is it's only for devices with USB C ports.

But, whether it's your phone or other precious items you need to protect, there's The Dorm Vault Safe. It's compact and attaches to furniture so no one can run off with it. You can also mount it to a wall.

Elise thought it would be great for stashing prescription drugs.

And more dragging those dirty clothes down the hall. The Home Logic Rolling Hamper has wheels to get you to those washers.

Now, you'll be even hard pressed for space if you pack everything from your parents house, but these are helpful hacks for your dorm that won't get you into more debt.

Here are links to the products we tested, plus a few more hacks you might like:

Matein Charging Cables

Balfour Privacy Room Divider

Simple Housewares Hanging Closet Organizer

Richard’s Homeware's Bed Risers with USB Ports and Outlets

DormVault Dorm Essentials Vault

Home Logic Rolling Laundry Hamper

Other dorm room space savers can be found here.

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