CLEVELAND — Whether it's for a big night out, or they just don't like their own lashes, many women turn to false lashes to enhance their eyes. But applying those lashes takes a bit of skill. That's why there are now magnetic lashes designed to just snap in place.  And they’ve been advertising everywhere, on TV, Twitter and Facebook, ranging in price from $11 -$75 dollars.

One those products, 3 Second Lash is certainly eye catching, since it promises you’ll have them on in seconds.

According to the commercial, “The secret is the MicroMagnetic technology that gently sandwiches your natural lashes between the lash strip.”

But you ask, does it work?I found three Facebook friends looking into those lashes as well as another fast lash fix.

There was Kimberly Readance who said, "I am not a fake lash wearer. One time I've worn fake lashes.” She told us, that was for Halloween.

Diane Tusek thought they could help make her feel pretty again.She’s never tried fake lashes, but lost her own after battling Cancer.

"They're just coming back now,” she said. “And they don't have the volume yet. So, I thought this would be good.”

But, Meaghan Earley has used them for choir and theatre, and said,
"For some reason, eyes were one of my favorite features and I just really like making them look glamorous.”

Even with experience though, the 3 Second Lash was more like the 3 Minute Lash. And after looking at them in the mirror, Meaghan told us, "They said they're supposed to make you feel flirty. I'm not feeling flirty.”

Kimberly didn’t like the fact that only one of the lashes had a magnet , instead of both lashes, like other brands.

As for Diane, she kept putting them on upside down. And even with help, and using the applicator that comes with the lashes, she gave up after 20 minutes.

We also tried magnetic lashes from One Two Cosmetics.

Kimberly said, "These definitely have the best strength as far as the magnets go.”

And the ladies liked how natural they looked. But, Meaghan said, "I can feel them when I blink. They're a little bit heavy."

And once again, these lashes weren’t working for Diane. That's why it was the old school adhesive lashes that they were stuck on.

Even though you have to use eyelash glue, Meghan said, “If you make a mistake, I feel it was quicker to fix because it did mold."

And Kimberly felt they took way less time.

Even Diane, who admits her lash skills are lackluster, had a handle on these.

"These are nice,” she told us.  “And I think that I would be able to use them."

So, it seems magnetic lashes are nothing to bat an eye at.

Another option is lash extensions.  Although I tried them and didn't care for them. They are expensive costing about $100 dollars for your first time, and upwards of $50 dollars for touch ups, which you have to do every two to three weeks.