CLEVELAND — Did you know that Spring Cleaning is a worldwide ritual?

For example, in Iran it's called “Shaking the House", which begins before their new year at the end of March. For the Chinese, it starts before their lunar new year in February. Many of us in the States are in the process of it now. 

And whether it's floors and walls, carpets or commodes, there's no shortage of spots that need cleaning after a long winter. 

Desha Howard, owner of R&D’s Always Cleaning in Northeast Ohio knows. She's been helping homeowners for ten years because she loves making homes shine.

"My sister said, since you love cleaning, why don't you just open up your own cleaning business,” she told us. “And that's exactly what I did."

She helped us test some popular products that could take the chore out of house chores.

First up, cleaning gloves.

We looked at Full Circle's Latex Splash Patrol, which have a soft lining to keep them from sticking to your skin, and a cuff to keep out water.

There was also the Hatsutec Magic Silicone Gloves which are double-sided scrubbers that can be used as a vegetable brush, pet groomer or cooking glove because they're heat resistant.

According to Howard, the Hatsutec had the upper hand. She was able to clean film off the kitchen sink without even using a cleaning spray.

Both gloves were fine when we tested our spray cleaners: The Clorox, Floral Scent, Kitchen Cleaner + Bleach, which didn't smell so flowery.

And the Method, French Lavender, All Purpose cleaner, which is plant based, and designed to work on tile, wood and glass.

Howard says, the quicker picker upper was the Method cleaner, which based on the paper towels she used, seemed to pick up more dirt.

You'll need a different product for glass though, because it was a wash out on the windows.

As Howard pointed out, "You have to do a little more wiping because it leaves streaks."

For lifting dirt from floors and carpets, Desha took two Shark DuoClean Vacuums for a spin:  The IONFlex Cordless Ultra-Light, and the Apex Powered Lift-Away

The Ultra-Light was easier to push, folded for easy storage and did a great job with crumbs on the Kitchen floor. When it came to carpets though, it couldn't make the cut on the dried spinach we sprinkled.

So the Apex cleaned up in this test, with great suction according to Desha.

Now after our cleaning commando left, I noticed my carpet needed more than just a vacuum. So, enter the Bissel Little Green Portable Carpet Cleaner.

I compared that with a spot lifter spray and scrub brush. Obviously the scrub brush required a lot more elbow grease, but it didn’t deliver on the clean.

The Little Green packed a punch.

Finally, while the Homitt Spin Scrubber with multiple brushes bills itself as primarily a bathroom cleaner, it’s also supposed to be perfect for patio furniture because of a large flat brush.

While it was a little difficult to control, based on the look of the brush, it did pick up dirt. But the table we tried it on didn’t look clean after we scrubbed. And despite coming with an extension arm, we couldn’t see its use for high places, because you’d need a step stool to get any cleaner on a surface that’s out of reach.

So we scrubbed the scrubber. However, most of these products, will help take the dirty work out of Spring Cleaning.

I included most of the company websites for the products tested, but you can likely find cheaper prices with other vendors.

For more informaton on the services Desha Howard of R&D’s Cleaning offers, you can giver her a call at 216-939-6212.