Americans are in debt for more than $12 billion.

So it's fair to say every little bit of extra money helps.

That's why Consumer Investigator Danielle Serino decided to spread the wealth with some strangers.

It was Matthew Fratiani's lucky day.

We found him money on the website, while looking for his brother Vince, who produces WKYC's weekend newscasts.

"Did you ever work at Speedway?" I asked.

“I did indeed,” he replied

“Well you know what? They owe you $39.83,” I told him.

"That's phenomenal!” he said

Another check was for $13 from an internet company.

And it came a day before his London vacation.

Missing Money is a national database, which lists unclaimed assets that have been turned over to the state.

Just type in a name. You'll see if you're owed money and how to get it for free.

So, I looked for money for some of my Facebook friends, most of whom I'd never met, to thank them for all their support.

"I've got a surprise for you!" I yelled.

Tony Hadala and I started Facebooking when he asked me to cover a weight loss supplement he developed.

Instead, we caused him to "gain" $15 dollars from Sprint.

But Sprint wanted to be a part of the party, bringing a much bigger prize.

"We're all about customers getting more for their money. So we added a zero on to the end of that 15 and we would like to present you with $150 today,” said Anna Whitmore from Sprint.

They also offered him a smartphone with three months of service if he signed up with them.

I met Ken Kalish when he volunteered for a story I did on Aldi's.

"Do you know why you're here today," asked nationally known magician Rick Smith Jr.

Rick had some money tricks up his sleeve.

"How much is that?” Rick asked Ken while showing him some money.

“$5,” Ken replied.

“It's not $5. Give it one more guess," said Rick.

Rick then turned those singles into $400! Now, that was just an illusion.

We only found Ken $26 from State Farm Insurance.

"Anytime you get free money it's worth it," he said.

Patty Candela, of Patty C And The Guys, played the song “Let's Have a Party” on her Button Box for Bob Eden when we delivered him a $35 dollar check.

"Prize patrol," I exclaimed as I ran up to him.

Although it turns out the money was actually for his son who had lived there.

And then there was Isaac Abadi

“So nice to finally meet you,” I told him.

He cashed in with more than $356.

"You don't sound excited," I said.

“I'm excited. I'll do a cartwheel,” he shot back.

Isaac is used to winning money. He said he's entered more than 100,000 contests and sweepstakes.

“I've won a trip to Vegas, I’ve won a trip to New York,” he said.

Well, this was no world class vacation, but since Isaac's obsessed with Taco Bell, we took him across the border to celebrate.

“To found money,” we toasted with our soda pop.

I even found cash for some colleagues, including reporter and anchor Hilary Golston.

She was owed at least $100 from her first TV job in Green Bay, Wisconsin.

“That's amazing, but we weren't making any money anyway,” she laughed.

Now, since momma didn't raise no dummy, I saved the scene stealer for the right-hand woman of WKYC's Big Boss, General Manager Micki Byrnes.

I brought in dancers from Cleveland's Campus International School, who were trained in the program Dancing Classrooms Northeast Ohio. Suzanne Maras was owed $20 from Upromise, the college savings plan.

“Both my kids graduated from college so it's my money now,” she told me.

"So I found you cash, could you talk to the boss and get me a little money?” I asked Suzanne.

"Yeah, I'll work on that!" she said

And free money is something we can all dance to!

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