Miami — A major fast food chain is coming out against the so called “Pink Tax.”

That's when retailers or companies charge women more for products or services that are basically the same as what a man would get.

Now, the Pink Tax has been under attack for a while. Ohio legislators recently introduced a bill aimed at ending taxes on feminine hygiene products. A Class Action lawsuit was also filed against Ohio’s Department of Taxation.

But to highlight the disparity, Burger King pulled a stunt where unsuspecting females were told they had to pay $1.40 more than the men for the same serving of Chicken Fries.

In the video, which the company posted on YouTube, one woman exclaimed "I'm not going to pay extra," when the cashier told her the price of her Chicken Fries.

Another pointed out, "I ordered the same thing he did!"

They had no idea about the stunt the company dubbed the Burger King Chick Tax.

Where women who ordered the fries, were charged nearly 83% more than men.

The Cashier explained to them, "They're extra just because it comes in a cute box with eyelashes and a bow."

That’s when one customer asked, “Would you pay extra for a pink box?”

When the Cashier told her not to get so excited, she sarcastically answered, “Do I look excited?!"

Women have been unexcited for a long time over this kind of price disparity, which applies to dozens of products that are virtually the same as those for men.

Things like razors, deodorants and shampoo.

But as the Burger King spoof points out it's something women have accepted for a long time.

One cashier asked a customer "When you go into the drugstore and you pay $2 dollars more for razor blades, do you say something then?”

She admitted she didn’t.

But U.S. Congresswoman Jackie Speier of California is definitely speaking up.

She recently introduced the Pink Tax Repeal Act to end gender-based discrimination for the prices of goods and services. The Act allows the FTC to enforce violations and gives State Attorneys General the authority to take civil action.

"I think it's great to see. And great to bring the issue to the forefront. Women deal with this every day, and to shine a light on this is important, said Ohio State Representative Brigid Kelly.

She recently introduced her own bill which would ban sales tax on all medically necessary feminine products, like Tampons.

According to a 2014 annual report by Maria Shriver and co-sponsored by The Center for American Progress, eliminating that tax could save women up to $1,700 dollars a year.

'Women generally make less and are paying more for products, which doesn't make a lot of sense," said Representative Kelly.

And Burger King seems to agree, asking people to support Congresswoman Speier’s Pink Tax Repeal Act something at least women seem to back.

The Federal Act still needs to be considered by the Commerce Committee.

The Bill here in Ohio made it out of the Ways and Means Committee, and has the support of several of the Democratic Male Congressmen.

Next stop is the House floor for a vote.