The Newbridge Center for Arts and Technology located right outside of downtown Cleveland, works to educate and support those looking to transform their lives.

Kianna Jacobs is a recent graduate of the center.

“ I was searching online because I was tired of working at the daycare, and doing housekeeping and wanted to start a career,” said Jacobs.

The process was simple. She filled out an online application and was on her way to becoming a phlebotomist, a stepping stone toward her ultimate goal of forensic science.

The Newbridge Center provides all the essentials, scrubs, books, and bus passes to ensure the success of their students.

“ They made sure you got here on time. And if your weren’t here, they would call and say “ where are you at?” So they made sure you finished and were successful in completing the program,” said Jacobs

He training allowed her to land a job at the Red Cross and the Cleveland Clinic.

One of her mentors who helped her along is lead instructor Katherine Cherney.

“Kianna represents many of our students. They are coming into this class everyday so they can make a difference in the medical world.”

There are many other students studying phlebotomy and several other professions at the Newbridge Center.

All of the programs are supported by grants from Cleveland Clinic, University Hospitals, The Cleveland Foundation and countless others.

The journey starts from the front door. The journey never ends. Because even when they're out there, we say come back. Do you need us? Is there anything we can do for you? That's what we're here for.

"If you want to do phlebotomy, I always recommend NewBridge to everybody I come across, because it's more than just a school it's a family."

For Kianna, Newbridge was the extra push she needed to reach her goals.