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Possible U: Cleveland job resource center provides skills and training needed to land jobs

Training, and some self-confidence, two things you need to land a career.  Learn about a local job resource center striving to provide job seekers with those skills.

A local job resource center believes there are two things you need to land a career: Training, and some self-confidence. In tonight’s Possible U, Megan Gallagher explains how “The Centers” equips Northeast Ohioans with both.

“The Centers” is branded as a job resource center, specializing in Early Learning and Family Support, Behavioral Health, and Workforce Development. Program participants Neia Thorton and Asayia Andres can testify to what “The Centers” really does.

Neia says"My confidence has gone up, I have severe stage fright…nobody ever notices.” And Asayia says the program has changed her too. “Well there’s a big difference. Now that I have a stable job, and income and everything, I feel like I’m worth something, I feel human again.”

Both girls recently finished the Center’s Customer Service track program, one of 7 offered. They’re already working as customer service reps for Key Bank, and say the opportunity came at the perfect time.

“It was really exciting because I actually found out about the Centers at a very low time in my life. I hadn’t had a job in over a year, I had just had my daughter.” explains Neia and Asayia concurs, “My depression and anxiety was at it’s peak, an all time high. So when I went to the orientation class to find out what El Barrio was about, it gave me a sense of hope.”

El Barrio’s track programs last 4 weeks. At orientation, students pick a career to study. By the end of the week, they’re doing hands-on training in El barrio’s mock work-place settings…including a bank teller and pharmacy set up. El Barrio’s Director, Ingrid Angel says while employing Northeast Ohio is important, it’s the success stories like Neia and Asayia that help them see the possible. “People lose faith in themselves and their abilities. And that is the number one challenge. And so I think that coming here, our staff is an amazing staff at helping people gain faith in their potential and their possibilities, and in their dreams”

The Centers has 17 locations throughout northeast ohio. To learn more visit their website.

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