A local cable provider is gearing up to offer a new technology to its customers – in hopes of staying ahead of competition and the tech world.

MCTV in Massillon is integrating new technology, named Excellerate, that officials say will provide almost a “limitless bandwidth” for homes.

The company will be installing a new “fiber to the home” product to its 45,000 customers in and around Stark County.

Traditional cable providers use copper wires, but MCTV is moving in a different direction. They will be using hair thin optical fibers, connecting it from one point to multiple individual homes and buildings, and using Passive Optical Network (PON) technology.

So instead of hundreds of households sharing a fiber strand…

"One fiber is split to up to 32 homes and then, of course, you can make that one fiber have as much bandwidth as you want," said Bob Gessner, president of MCTV.

MCTV compares the changes to driving. Instead of taking the back roads to get your internet connection, you’re taking a highway that would stop right in front of your home.

There’s a lot of work ahead for $20 million, 4-phase project as current employees with MCTV are retrained with new skills in the ever-changing technology field.

"As things progress over the next 20 to 30 years, this network is adaptable, We can upgrade it, we can improve it without having to rebuild it."

Customers will be notified when the Excellerate technology will be available in their neighborhood.

"We know it's a long term prospect for us and we intend to recover the costs eventually, but our customers will see no difference in price in the fiber network and coaxial network," said Gessner.