The IT field is one of the most in-demand industries in Northeast Ohio.

Many of the local programs helping get people into the workforce, are showing results.

Even new opportunities like "Day One" -- a career pathway program through the group Youth Opportunities Unlimited -- is yielding encouraging results.

Ty'Lynn Nash is a student in the Day-One program, getting some of the fundamental certifications to work in her field.

"I've gotten training. I've done a part of my internship here at DeVore," said Nash.

DeVore Technologies is a Beachwood-based company that offers everything from website creation and hosting, to custom software solutions.

They're also the home to the Day One program Ty'Lynn is in.They're also the home to the Day One program Ty'Lynn is in.

Lori Devore,CEO and president of DeVore technologies says there are many advantages to the program.

" Great thing about having the training here at DeVore technologies is that they're in a corporate work environment."

The program allows students to rub shoulders with working professionals and learn important job skills in, and out of the classroom.

And for Ty'Lynn, this is only the beginning.

After taking a break from college, to get these real world skills, she plans to go back and get a degree in her field.

"the IT program, you'll always have a job. honestly, with all these programs, you'll always have a job because these are skills that are needed."