Whether you're looking for a job as a truck driver, or learning to operate heavy equipment in construction, there are plenty of employers searching for well-trained workers.

According to Roger Rollings of Great Lakes Truck Driving School, it's a field that has seen lots of opportunities open up recently. "There's long-haul over the road. There's regional jobs. There's local jobs, construction jobs. City Jobs."

And the need for drivers has grown as well. "About 10 years ago, there were only 10 companies hiring right out of our school. Now we have about 300 companies hiring directly out of school. So the demand is absolutely incredible. It's skyrocketed over the last few years," says Rollings.

At Great Lakes Truck Driving School, students are able to get all of the necessary skills they need to be successful. Practicing maneuverability and precise use of all types of equipment, it won't be long before these students finish the program and are on the job doing the same tasks they've been learning. Rollings says it takes anywhere from 5-10 weeks to get trained, depending on if they go part-time or full-time, or if they do both the CDL and the heavy equipment training.

Students in the program get help from trained instructors who show them the ropes behind the wheel. They also get steered towards the right employers. Rollings says it's the program's job to help students drive their careers forward. "It's to help them regarding placement assistance. Everything is laid out for them. We have employers coming in every month and talking to current students."

And according to Rollings, former students say the program has put them on the road to success. "They come back, they show off their truck once they're employed. They come back and give testimonials. Our graduates are pretty much our advertising."

With a clean driving record and the right training, you too can be well on your way to a successful trucking career. For more information on the programs Great Lakes Truck Driving School has to offer, please visit their website.

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