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POSSIBLE U | Step Up to UH

One of the fastest growing career fields in Northeast Ohio is health, and University Hospitals 'Step Up to UH' is helping people step into their dream careers.

One of the fastest growing career fields in Northeast Ohio is health.

According to a recent Team NEO study commissioned by the Cleveland Foundation, there are more jobs available than people who are adequately trained to take them.

Every day is different in the medical profession, but every piece is needed.

Loretta Bey wanted to be a part of the ever-changing puzzle. "It can be overwhelming at times but what I find most rewarding is that I get to interact with my patients," she explains.

The program, called 'Step Up to UH,' helped her step into her dream career. 

“My former employer told me about the program toward employment, so it was an opportunity for me to be able to get my foot into the door and pursue my career," says Loretta.

She says she learned everything from the basics of the healthcare profession, to skills that will help her succeed in the workplace, like stress management.

Kim Shelnick with University Hospitals says saving lives is a crucial part of the medical field, but recruiting people willing to play the part can be an uphill battle. “We’re focusing on really being able to go into the neighborhoods and finding talent in the neighborhoods that typically wouldn’t be able to find a job," she says.

With the addition of new, qualified people -- like Loretta Bey -- Shelnick says the goal is to provide a career path and help families earn livable wages. "We are dedicated in moving people up and providing opportunities within the region.”

"You may start at the bottom, but you’ll always work your way to the corporate ladder," says Bey. 

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