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Giant Eagle will stop doubling manufacturer coupons, make changes to FuelPerks+ program next month

Shoppers are currently able to double any manufacturer-produced coupons of up to 99 cents at most stores

O'HARA TOWNSHIP, Pa. — Big changes are coming to Giant Eagle, as the grocery store chain will no longer be doubling manufacturer coupons beginning Mar. 1 of this year.

The change is marked in bold on the Giant Eagle policies web page, along with the message, "We reserve the right to accept, decline or limit the use of any coupon(s) as well as the right to make temporary or permanent changes to this policy without notice." Shoppers are currently able to double any manufacturer-produced coupons of up to 99 cents at most stores, and will still be able to redeem them for face value.

Giant Eagle will also make major changes to its fuelperks+ program: Customers accumulate fuelperks at a rate of one for every dollar spent on groceries, or two for every gallon of gas bought at GetGo stations. Those perks used to always carry over from month to month, but starting Mar. 1, if you have accumulated less than 50 perks in a calendar month, those specific perks will not carry over and will instead be wiped out altogether. However, any perks above the threshold of 50 earned during a month will still carry over.

A customer needs 50 total perks in order to earn a reward take advantage of discounts on gas or groceries. As of Feb. 5, any remaining perks under 50 towards customers' next reward are also reset to zero once perks are redeemed for rewards. So if a customer has 62 perks but only redeems 50, the remaining 12 go away.

Giant Eagle has dozens of stores and gas stations across Northeast Ohio. The chain told 3News it is "still quite easy for customers to earn 50 perks in a month through a combination of gas and groceries or one type of purchase alone," and added that only a "small minority" of manufacturer coupons were eligible for doubling.