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The top companies looking for work at home employees

Nearly nine million people work from home. Where are those jobs and how do you find them?

CLEVELAND -- Work-from-home jobs used to mean scams, where you'd send in money for materials you'd never get, or fake employers would steal your personal information.

Now, nearly 9 million people work from home, according to Flex Jobs. But where are those jobs and how do you find them?

Well, all it takes is a Google search where you type in “remote” or “work at home jobs."

You need to research the company to make sure they're legit. But these days, big companies are hiring, and the pay is often way more than minimum wage.

For 12 years, Heather Murray had a great job in marketing.

But after three kids, including a set of twins, she decided she wanted to stay home with them. "I did a little after that, but pretty much full time, totally quit it," Murray said.

She was president of a support group for moms with multiple children, when a company that places Au Pairs in American homes called her to handle Northeast Ohio.

“It’s work from home and you meet lots of interesting people from all over the world."

But if child care is not your cup of tea, there are multiple legitimate full and part time remote jobs out there with many offer benefits.

The largest number of jobs are in customer service or sales, at places like Williams and Sonoma for $11.25 an hour and Dell computers for $12.66 an hour.

Hotels like Hilton are hiring reservation agents starting at $10 an hour. For those experienced, Jacaruso Enterprises needs a sales supervisor for $60,000+ a year.

If you like writing, Cactus Communications wants a freelance editor to make manuscript revisions for $15 an hour. Or for social media buffs, at $12.83 an hour, Appen is hiring people to evaluate the online presence of corporations.

There are an endless number of jobs in health care. United Health Group wants someone to create and analyze health plans starting at a salary of $83,988.

But if you’re not sure what you want to do, placement services like Teletech advertise customer support jobs ranging from $9.25 to $11.33 an hour while Sutherland Global Services has supervisory spots in its own company for $89,500 a year.

Murray admits her salary doesn't cover raising three kids, but it at least allows her to be with them.

"You pretty much make your own hours and can schedule it around your family's needs."

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