Whether you're searching for a major score on brand name clothing, purses and accessories, doing back to school shopping or hoping to line your pockets with more cash, look no further!

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If you haven't yet discovered Plato's Closet, this hidden gem with locations throughout our region (and across the country) is worth a big look! There are more than 400 locations across the country to help you find your favorite brands on a dime or get paid for clothing you no longer want.

WATCH my test of Plato's Closet right here and see how much I got paid.

Want to get paid?

The brands yielding the highest payback value at Plato's are Forever 21, Abercrombie and Hollister. NEVER buy any of these items at full price if you want to make a good chunk of your money back later on. For example, if you buy your original clothing items on sale and you were to wear these items for a year or two and bring them back in good condition to Plato's closet, you'd get a good chunk of your money back.

- Bring in items that are branded within a year or two to get the most money back. Used clothing should be in considerably good condition.

- Bring them in folded in a laundry basket, not on hangers. This will at least score some points with the folks evaluating your clothing and it expedites the process.

- Be realistic. If you have really old items that aren't in good condition, you won't get you anything. And whatever Plato's doesn't pay you for can easily be donated through a drop-box in your community or to a church/community center.

- Shop! Once you're at Plato's you can put the cash you've been paid toward clothing at the store which is already significantly marked down. If you have nothing to sell-back, Plato's is also a great place to shop for families that want to buy brand-name but don't want to pay for the mark-up.

Find a Plato's Location near you.

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