If you've been part of our CES journey over the past few days, we've been hooking you up with the most incredible gadgets, steals and deals.

For a look back at the biggest deals you can buy right now - just click here!

Today we shift our focus to some of the more extreme items available and products that blew our mind. These six products aren't necessarily on sale and aren't necessarily for everyone. They are items that had our jaws on the floor. Some gadgets are available right now and others are for pre-order only.

No company is paying us to feature their products. None of them are aware they are being featured in this article.

1. The world's first solution for deterring a cyber attack on your home: Securifi launched new products at CES 2017 but also showcased items already available. They claim to be the first home solution to notify you if your internet connection, Nest thermostat or other smart devices have been compromised.

At a time where Cyber Attacks are all too common, this smart home security system at under $70 further secures your home and is one of the most awesome products we tested. Available today.

2. Protect your manhood from radiation! Yes. This is actually a thing. A pair of comfortable boxes designed to protect a man's reproductive organ from WiFi radiation and other forms of biological interference. Designed in Paris, we'll let you be the judge of this one from Spartan Underwear right here.

3. Your pet's health info and location smart tag: Proudly built in Cleveland, Ohio and available for Pre-Order today, this CES 2017 smart pet gadget is fantastic. The RoamingTails pet tag gives you 24/7 real-time access to your pet's location but the app is where this really comes alive. The free app stores your pet's crucial health information and could be ideal for any animal lover.

4. Artificial intelligence robotic desk: Whether you want a standing desk, or a sitting desk - you can now control your desk's physical state with the touch of a keypad. Oh, and the desk can also control your home! Yes. You can add an artificial intelligence box to this desk so your thermostat, audio and locks are voice-controlled. With prices that start at $300, CES desk options from Autonomous.Ai are surprisingly affordable given the features. You can order here.

5. Fat loss with one breath: "Imagine understanding fat loss with just one breath" - that's the tagline from LEVL. A breath pod measures a molecule in your breath, giving a weight loss candidate crucial health information about his or her metabolic state. Complete with one of the most comprehensive nutrition apps, this technology showcased at CES 2017 is way ahead of the health game. Will be available on the market soon.

6. A giant flying WiFi egg: We have no idea but if you're tired of drones, this mind blowing design takes everything we know about flying and throws it out the window. If we had to pick advantages of this over a traditional drone, the ease of flying and space savings features are key. The incredible and unworldly design of this WiFi-enabled air craft make flying via remote control easier than most traditional drones. The PowerEgg folds into itself to allow for storage and, this tech toy is jaw-dropping. Item will available later this month for $1,300.