This time it was the heart, but not the queen we were all looking for.

That means the game must go on, but there might be some behind-the-scenes changes to continue to make the game fair and safe.

"We don't have these just being handled by Joe Schmo down the street,” Jennifer Natale, Grayton Road Tavern general manager, said. “Everything in this game is directly handled by the two of us."

From getting the shipment of verified tickets to the delivery of those tickets to all seven bars selling them, the two Grayton Road owners make sure they’ve dotted every I and crossed every T.

"They basically have a dollar and a dream, what I have is a lot of weight on these shoulders to account for every single penny,” Natale said.

They can’t and won’t do it alone, especially with four million dollars at stake.

"We have a great support team,” Natale said. “We are definitely going to add to that team this week, effective immediately."

In order to make sure this ship continues to sail smoothly, it does take a team and they’ve got one from the inside and outside.

“We're always working in the background with the attorneys and the accountants,” Natale said. “We have to make sure that when this does hit everyone is in place to go ahead."

Right now, there are no regulations for the game so the staff plays it by ear each week.

A few years ago, Senator Bill Coley wanted to change that, so he proposed a bill that would put gambling games under the Casino Control Commission, regulated by the state.

At that time, it didn’t get the support it needed but it’s something many agree we do need from now on.

“This is a little bit new, it's a little bit on the cutting edge,” Natale said. “I think that on both sides, we should have a standard operating procedure."

For now, the game must go on and the owners are all in for whatever happens next.

“You have to surround yourself with people who are smarter than you,” Natale said. “I'm not an attorney, I'm not a tax accountant so therefore guess what? We're going to make sure we're surrounded by the best support that we can afford."

The money for the jackpot is in a secure location and as the game continues, the need to keep everything safe continues as well.