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Saving you money: How you can get cheaper groceries and more

From the best apps to online specials, we're helping you get the best deals.

ELYRIA, Ohio — A new policy just started at regional grocery store Giant Eagle. The store is no longer doubling manufacturer coupons up to $0.99. 

This could have a pretty big impact on your wallet, so we want to help you save money in other ways.

We talked to savings expert Rachel Krych. She is a stay-at-home mom to three boys. On her blog, Krych says she's been "couponing" for more than five years, and it has completely changed the way she shops.

Now, she uses more modern methods to help people save money.

She said the number one way to save, is easy -- and it's right at your fingertips.

“The big thing right now is apps. Just about every store has an app and I feel like that's a great way to save, even if you're not particularly a couponer.“

Apps let you virtually "clip" coupons and then use them at the register. 

Krych says the Giant Eagle app is one of her favorites.

"It's a really big savings. Also, I subscribe to their e-mails. They are specific to what I'm buying, which is nice because it can keep track of what you're buying, and they'll give you coupons for that."

A lot of people prefer to shop online, which can be another great way to find savings.

Krych says, you can make the savings come to you.

“Brick and mortar stores know there are a lot of people buying online. So there are some deals that they will put just online, for the people who have subscribed to their e-mail," says Krych.

“A lot of times Dick's Sporting Goods will post flash sales that are not offered in their store. Macy's and JCPenney do the same thing, so if you keep an eye on their social media accounts and your e-mails, you'll be able to get notice of those sales."

Another tip she shared is to shop at drug stores. A lot of us associate drug stores with inflated prices, or a place you only go if you need something last minute. But Krych says, you can find some great deals there.

“Every week drugstores have amazing prices and a lot of them will offer cash back. For instance, CVS offers an extra care buck program. So when you buy specific items throughout the week, you get what's called an extra buck, and that is like cash that you can spend in the store.

Krych's main picks to buy at drug stores? Things like diapers, shampoo, toilet paper and paper towels.

It's not just store apps that can save you money, but restaurant apps, too.

“For instance, McDonald’s. You can pull it up and they offer a large fry for a dollar. Which maybe not so healthy, but its a really good deal.”

Krych also says to keep restaurant apps in mind for something like a date night. You can download the app for your favorite restaurants, to keep an eye out for deals.

We also asked Krych about some of the best deals you can get right now.

“One of the best things right now is to buy swimsuits, which is kind of crazy to think since we are months away from swimsuit season. But if you wait until June or July, it'll be slim pickings for swimsuits.”

Krych says it's also a good time to stock up for next winter.

“The other thing is clearance deals, because stores are getting rid of all their winter coats and things like that. You can save up to 90 percent on a lot of winter items.”  

Krych also let us in on her favorite sports to stock up on deli items and other meats.

“My favorite place to get deli meat is Discount Drug Mart. They have got hands down the best prices. Cheese is often $3.99 a pound, or hard salami or ham is $3.99 or sometimes even $2.99 a pound, which is a crazy price. So I will make a specific stop at Discount Drug Mart just about every week so we can stock up on lunch meat.”

When it comes to other types of meat like beef or chicken, Krych says she prefers warehouse clubs like Sam's Club, Costco and BJ’s.

“They have one of the best meat selections that there is.”

For more deals you can check out Krych's blog. She also has a large following on Facebook and Instagram.

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