She has spent nearly half a century helping those in need. Today, the focus on giving back to the community continued at St. Augustine Hunger Center in Tremont.

"I love every single minute of it," Sister Corita Ambro said. "It's not my work. It's God's work that we're doing."

Ambro has spent decades, about 45 years, helping to serve thousands of meal.

Each year, Ambro helps to coordinate Christmas meals at the ceAbout 14,000 meals were served at more than a dozen sites. Just under half those meals were delivered to those in need.nter, which takes about six months of planning.

"None of this could be done without the volunteers who come in."

Lorie Yuill and her three daughters, between the ages of 13 and 21, have made volunteering on Christmas morning a family tradition for the past four years.

"It's just wonderful to give back," said Yuill.

Gifts were given out to those who visited the center Monday morning, but some argued that the most valuable gifts were those that were not physically visible. Some were formed in the shape of a life lesson.

"It helps me to grow," Ambro said. "To know and understand others."