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5 tips for better breathing during smoky conditions

As smoky air inundates Puget Sound, consider these three tips for better breathing.

Wildfire smoke has settled into Puget Sound, bringing unhealthy air across Western Washington. Unhealthy air is expected to last through Wednesday. Try these three tips for better breathing during smoky conditions:

1.) Close all doors and windows in your home, and keep them shut.

“I know it's hot, and people want to open their windows and their doors and leave their screens open, but it's just letting all that smoke in,” said Jason Butler, a comfort consultant with MM Comfort Systems.

2.) Once you keep the smoky air out, you should filter the air in your home.

You can use a filter that fits into your HVAC system, or you could buy a standalone filter appliance.

Either way, make sure you get one rated for smoke. They cost more, but they're worth it, Butler said.

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3.) Use an N95 respirator mask if you have to go outdoors.

These masks filter out fine particles, which are making the air so unhealthy right now. A medical mask will not work.

Junction True Value in West Seattle still had N95 respirators in stock, Monday afternoon, but a lot of people want them, and they're limiting sales to two per customer.

More info on masks here.

4.) Don't burn candles inside your home

The Center for Disease Control says burning candles inside your home can increase indoor pollution. The same goes for fireplaces and gas stoves.

5.) Don't vacuum with wildfire smoke in the air

A doctor tells KING 5 that vacuuming can stir up smoke particulates that have settled into your carpet. Avoid the chore while wildfire smoke is in the air and could be tracked into your home.

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