AKRON – A learning opportunity for some youngsters in Akron. Local 4th graders, got the chance to experience the Akron Symphony Orchestra. It's part of the opportunities afforded, by the LeBron James Family Foundation. A classical music performance that instantly became a classic childhood memory.

“I thought it was awesome,” said Destiny, a 4th grader.

“I never came to the orchestra before,” said Galaxie, also a 4th grader.

Young eyes were watching, young ears were listening to centuries old music at the Akron Symphony Orchestra. It’s a private concert for local 4th graders from the Lebron James Family Foundation.

Through brass and woodwinds, a breath of fresh air and a curve-ball from what they were expecting to hear.

“Most of it surprised me because I thought it would be like mostly smooth, not loud and smooth,” said Galaxie

“The piano player was playing from memory,” said Isaiah.

“Then they played fast and then they played slow,” said Destiny.

Analyzing the speed from the pros, only a short time after they got to kick the tires on the instruments themselves. Violins, trumpets, cellos were all put to the test.

“Almost every instrument down there I tried out, at least once or twice,” said Jeremiah.

Tinkering with the hardware, de-mystifying high culture, and maybe scratching a young itch they never knew they had.

“We all use music to enhance our moods or make use happy or give us energy,” said the Music Director of the Akron Symphony Orchestra Christopher Wilkins.

Energy, youthful energy soaking in the energy of generations old music, an appreciation that hit just the right, tone.