ASHLAND — Day five of the murder trial of accused serial killer Shawn Grate began with the prosecution team introducing an audio recording with Ashland police that reveled Grate admitted to abducting and having sex with the woman identified as "Jane Doe."

The discussion took place after police took Grate into custody when "Jane Doe" called 911 to report she had been kidnapped and held captive inside the home where Grate was living. In the recording, it was said that Grate was "squatting" in the home.

Audio recording reveals accused Ashland serial killer Shawn Grate admits to abducting and having sex with woman (Jane Doe) who escaped the home where Grate was living. Day 5 of murder trial continues. @wkyc

— Amani Abraham (@AmaniAbraham) April 27, 2018

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In the audio recording with Ashland police captain David Lay, Grate is asked if he had sex with "Jane Doe" against her will. Grate said yes. Police then ask him "what that is called?” and Grate responds with “rape.”

The recorded interviews happened before the bodies of Elizabeth Griffith and Stacey Stanley were found in the home. At the time, search warrants were still being drafted in order for the Bureau of Criminal Investigation to enter the home.

Detective Kim Mager then took over Grate's interview after speaking with Jane Doe. Mager asked Grate about the whereabouts of Griffith. And more than an hour later, Grate revealed where her body was hidden.

Detective Kim Mager: Where is she then?

Shawn Grate: In a closet.

Detective Kim Mager: In a closet. Which closet?

Shawn Grate: Upstairs.

Detective Kim Mager: Upstairs. What happened?

Shawn Grate: (inaudible)

As Grate listened to the audio with the jury, he began to react, grabbing a tissue and then removing his glasses. As the recordings continued, the detective later learned about another body in the home.

Detective Kim Mager: Any other girls in the house right now?

Detective Kim Mager: Yeh?

Shawn Grate: (inaudible) in the basement.

Detective Kim Mager: Down in the basement?

Grate then identifies the woman as "Stacey" and detailed her location.

Detective Kim Mager: Where on the floor in the basement?

Shawn Grate: Underneath all that stuff.

Stanley’s body was found under a pile of trash and Griffith was found in a closet under a pile of clothing.

The hours-long recordings were played for the jury on Friday.

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Grate is facing murder charges in a 23-count indictment for killing two women, Elizabeth Griffith and Stacey Stanley, and the rape and kidnapping of a third woman identified as Jane Doe.