They say a picture is worth a thousand words in this case it's more like retweets and Jordan brown says it's disgusting.

21-year old Brown tells me he was saddened and disgusted after learning what a group of students wore, that earned them top prize in a costume contest at Avon High school.

The photo was taken back in October but Jordan recently learned about it through a friend who attends Avon.

No one else spoke up so I felt like I had to say something,” said Brown.

He posted his opinion along with the photo on twitter and within seconds of the post, hundreds of comments both negative and positive followed; including comments from the students in the photo saying that it was all a joke.

"There was no cyber stalking or harassing I’m not looking to cause any harm to these people more so making them responsible for their actions.” said Brown.

Brown even reached out to the Board of Education President, Heather Mahoney who responded in an email saying, “I will assure you that this will be discussed as I also saw it on Twitter and was very upset about it.”

“We need to be more serious about taking care of this type of behavior making sure it doesn’t spread and that it’s not glorified.”