"Police vehicles make a lot of different noises, but 'meowing' isn't one of them." 

That's what Toledo Police said on their Facebook page after two of their officers found a kitten in a police van.

Kitten freed from TPD van
Steve Clark

Officers Gankowsky and Peart, who work a central city crew, were confused when they heard meowing coming from the back of their van.

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The officers drove the vehicle to the department's service station to figure out what was going on.

Of course when the officers got to the station, police say the meowing stopped and mechanic Steve Clark couldn't find the kitten.

Toledo Police van taken apart to rescue kitten
Toledo Police found a kitten nestled behind the headlight of a police van.

After a little while, it was discovered that the kitten managed to get up front and was nestled in behind a headlight.

Steve Clark saved cat from TPD van
A kitten was trapped inside a TPD van until being freed by mechanic Steve Clark.
Steve Clark

Long story short, police say the cute little black-haired blue-eyed kitten has a new home - with the mechanic's daughter.