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New research shows Clevelanders aren't getting enough sleep in comparison to other major cities

Are you sleeping enough?

CLEVELAND — Move over Tom Hanks, it looks like Seattle isn't the only city not getting enough sleep! 

New research from VAAY, a German-based lifestyle brand, shows the quality of sleep in major cities around the world, including places such as Dublin, Ireland; Sydney, Australia; Oslo, Norway; London, UK, and many more. 

The study took into account nine factors, including mental wellbeing, physical health, sleep duration, environment, caffeine and nicotine consumption, overwork and commute, chronic pain, and undersleep. Each city was given a rating for the various factors which played into its overall placement on the final list of places with best sleep quality. 

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Coming in at No. 1 for the best quality of sleep is Amsterdam, The Netherlands. The city known for its canals received 100 percent when taking into account all nine factors included in the study. 

Overall, Cleveland placed in the 53 spot on the list of just 75 cities and received a 49.6 percent, with the lowest scores coming from mental wellbeing and chronic pain. On average, the study found that Clevelanders also get roughly seven hours of shuteye each night. 

13 U.S. cities outranked Cleveland on the list of places with the best quality of sleep, including Minneapolis, MN (26); Denver, CO (33); Seattle, WA (35); and San Fransisco, CA (45). 

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However, Northeast Ohio also fared better than many other U.S. destinations! Boston, MA (57), and Chicago, IL (58), both came in under 45 percent for sleep quality, and Las Vegas, NV (72), reported a dismal 12 percent. 

The lowest ranked city in the United States is Los Angeles, CA (73), with just 11.5 percent. 

Editor's note: The video in the player below is from a story published on Feb. 18, 2020.

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