For the next 10 days, kids from local Boys and Girls Clubs will try their hands at being visual storytellers.

Inside the walls of the Boys and Girls Club on Broadway Avenue, about 40 students grabbed their cell phones and started telling stories.

“We are making an idea about how we plan for a field trip,” said 15-year-old Zachary Waczovszky.

“Swimming,” said 12-year-old Mark Videc. “Fishing."

Some want to be journalists.

"I would like the hands on,” said Waczovszky. “Getting to do new things. Meeting new people."

But others foresee a different future.

“Construction worker or a lawyer,” said Videc.

“We find that exposure in any of these career fields for these kids is critical,” said Boys and Girls Club of Cleveland Arts Director Matt Bott. “They do not know what they do not know.”

The Taco Bell/WKYC 10-day Video Challenge offers exposure to careers in broadcasting. The challenge aims to open their eyes to storytelling.

“The kids have 10 days to produce a video, storyboard, learn how to use equipment, edit, all those wonderful things and then come together to see if they can win an iPad,” said Bott.

And when they come to know what they do not know, they might just make a profound discovery.

“I actually like it,” said 10-year-old Sir Majesty Lawson.

“I think it is a great experience because you may never know when you can use it in the future, like a great opportunity,” said Waczovszky.

WKYC Channel 3's Alyssa Raymond spent the day showing them a few tricks. Chris Miller, of the Akron Digital Media Center, and Ryan Easter, of Notes for Notes, also shared storytelling basics and techniques.