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Lyndee's Costume Closet brings joy to sick kids at Akron Children's Hospital

It started with an idea, then became a superhero mission.

AKRON, Ohio — At first glance, Lyndee's Costume Closet looks like a regular clothes rack.

But when you look a little closer, you see the superhero mission unfolding.

"(These costumes) should be accessible so that we can do this for any kind of milestone. Or if a kid has a stressful procedure, or a hard day, they can, you know, see some of their superheroes or favorite characters," said Lyndee's founder Amanda Adey.

The idea for the non-profit came back in February when Amanda was working there as a social media manager. A young patient was having a rough go. He asked for Spiderman. After making a few calls, Amanda delivered.

"So bringing the costume in allowed a staff member to put on the costume and visit with the kids. It was just a really uplifting special moment for both the kids and the staff and the families to get to see the superhero," Amanda said.

Amanda, a mother of two, knows how scary hospital stays can be for kids. Her own 10-year-old daughter, Lyndee, spent the first three months of her life in the PICU at Akron Children's for heart defects. She's been back and forth ever since.

"We've had lots of good times and lots of bad times here at the hospital," Amanda said.

"I remember almost opening and running out of the room when I was like four. Shots have been my worst fear," Lyndee told us.

Mom and daughter wanted to team up and give back to the hospital that helped Lyndee get to where she is today.

"Lyndee has always loved the theater, loved dressing up," Amanda said. "We kind of both at the same time just realized this was such a fit. We've always wanted to give back to the hospital in a way that was special and intentional to Lyndee and our kids and our experience here."

"They literally jump out of their beds and are so excited that Elsa's there to see them and really make the engaging opportunity that really inspires them to continue to get better," said childlife specialist Olivia Dujanovic.

Lyndee knows how hard it is to miss events outside the hospital. Lyndee wants to make that easier on kids in the hospital.

"Because, if something fun is happening, you don't get to see it. So our costumes ... we're bringing that to them," Lyndee said.

Lyndee's Costume Closet is growing thanks to generous family and friends.

"That kind of evolved into their businesses being able to donate," Amanda said.

These days, the whole Adey clan, including Amanda's husband, Nate, and 7-year-old son, Maverick, are moving full steam ahead with the nonprofit. They want to reach more hospitals ... and more kids.

"It's a very small thing, but in a moment it can make a whole difference for what that memory is from that day. And I think that is really powerful," Amanda said.

For Lyndee, it's simple: Delivering smiles at Akron Children's is exactly where she wants to be.

"It just feels like really good and it makes me happy," Lyndee said.

 For more information on Lyndee's Costume Closet, click HERE.

Editor's Note: The following video is from a previous, unrelated report.


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