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Meet the Cleveland Clinic police officer behind the viral dancing video

Corporal Eric Hudson has dedicated his life to spreading joy to health care heroes and his community.

CLEVELAND — At the corner of East 89th Street and Carnegie Avenue, it's a busy scene every day.

Health care heroes are coming off of their long shifts, or just starting new ones. They cross the street each day in front of the Cleveland Clinic after healing patients inside the hospital. But, they need healing, too.

And, they get it! Every morning, it starts with some music ... and then the voice ... and then a "Good morning!" 

It's Cleveland Clinic police officer, Corporal Eric Hudson. He's there to greet them each day.

"Welcome to the Cleveland Clinic!" he exclaimed.

It's a job he's known for nearly 20 years.

"I've been with the Cleveland Clinic for 18 years. I started off as an armed security, but converted over to police in 2012. Then I moved up, became a corporal. I'm a supervisor," Hudson said.

He was born and raised on 101st and St. Clair in the Glenville community. 

"I'm a Glenville alumni. I'm still living my community," Hudson said.

He oozes joy, and it's so contagious, his dancing went viral!

That might be because of the funky moves, fist-bumping and charismatic crossings.

Hudson says, his road to public service began with his own mistakes.

"Being a knucklehead, running around doing everything I shouldn't do. But you can't let your environment dictate your future. So you gotta make a change. And it's up to you. No excuses. You gotta make a change," he told us.

That's exactly what he did. 

"I saw an opportunity and I jumped on it," Hudson said.

That opportunity was graduating from the Cleveland Heights Police Academy in 2012.

He eventually came to the Cleveland Clinic Police Department. It's where, he says, he's meant to be.

"I'm a supervisor. I don't have to be working at the crosswalk. I do it 'cause I want to do it," Hudson said.

And, thank goodness for that. Just ask the folks he heals every day with his smiles.

"This man is happiness!" one woman said. "When I see him, I need a hug."

He's also a devoted family man, a father to two girls and a boy, and a grandfather, too.

"That keeps me going. At the end of the day, it's all about family," he said.

It's about his community, as well. The community, he loves ... the community, he's honored to serve.

"When you walking into the clinic, anybody who don't feel grateful, and you see where other people in there battling, and they still got joy in they heart? Come on now. Come on now. How can you not be grateful?" Hudson said.

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Editor's Note: The following video is from a previous report.


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