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Cleveland NAACP pushes against Ohio 'Stand Your Ground' bill

The local NAACP is urging all Black Lives Matter allies to protest the gun bill.

COLUMBUS, Ohio — Senate Bill 175 is Ohio’s most recent proposal of “Stand Your Ground” and it removes the requirement to retreat, and allows a shooter to act if they’re anywhere lawfully.

Danielle Sydnor, the Cleveland NAACP President, says the language change is problematic.

“It gives someone a free pass to be anyplace and claim that they were in fear for their life and they had no other choice but to stand their ground,” says Sydnor.

Gov. Mike DeWine hinted he may veto the bill.

“I have made my position very clear that we should not be taking up bills like that, when we have bills that have been in front of the legislature for a year,” says DeWine.

In the wake of the mass shooting in Dayton, Gov. DeWine’s gun reform suggestions included voluntary state level background checks and more focused on mental health. Nothing similar Senate Bill 175 removing the mandate to retreat before shooting.

“When you don’t have that duty to retreat, it now gives people what they believe is a free pass to use what we would in many cases if it was a police officer call excessive force,” Sydnor says.

The governor wants gun legislation done right.

“Well, we have really the opportunity to directly save lives,” Gov. DeWine says.

Sydnor said she believes current laws are enough and that since Black and Brown lives are disproportionately killed and justified in states with Stand Your Ground laws, all Black Lives Matter allies should speak out against the bill.

“We need to send a very strong message that this is not just the Black community that’s asking for this. We have allies all across the state that want to see this legislation go away,” Sydnor says.


NOTE: Video below was originally published Dec. 18, 2020:

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