CLEVELAND — This year marks 30 years since Amy Mihaljevic disappeared from Bay Village.

In the weeks since a docu-drama aired on cable, new details about DNA samples – in the form of human hair – leaked out.

The three hairs according to investigative author James Renner were found on “her body, her sweatpants and on her underwear.”

He says the type of DNA contained on the hairs cannot rule suspects in, but can be used to rule individuals out.

Renner says it also could lend credence to a theory of a small group of men taking part in the crime.

“If true, these men could essentially alibi each other out for parts of the crime,” Renner says. “One man could’ve abducted her and another dropped body where it was found in Ashland county.”

Thirty years and there has never been a named suspect. Police continue to interview and polygraph individuals in the murder of a woman who would now be in her 40’s.