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'She's doing a whole lot better. It's going to be some time" | 8-year-old recovering after four family members killed in Cleveland

Martin Muniz faces four counts of aggravated murder, among other charges.

CLEVELAND — 8 year old Eyanna was shot along with her family. All four of them died, but she is currently making a recovery, so much so a close family friend says today the girl who is a big fan of TikTok was dancing Saturday.

Prayers, balloons and candles Saturday at 3719 Mack Court.

The address has become synonymous with tragedy, four people shot and killed by a family member 41 year old Martin Muniz with one little girl surviving.

Saturday, family and friends celebrated the lives of those who died: Miguel Gonzalez, Angelic Gonzalez, Anthony Boothe, Jayden Baez, and the joy they shared with loved ones in life.

"Full of fun, full of love, 100 percent, the cousins would come over and play games and stuff oh yeah, you never would've seen this coming. at all," Friend Gloria Hernandez said.

Gloria Hernandez was Angelic's best friend, like sisters she said.

"She was loving, caring, she would bend over backwards for anyone she loved and there are friends here who can testify to that," Hernandez said.

Hernandez says Angelic was a fierce advocate for her children, alongside Tony.

"Tony, he was the mechanic, everyone knew him as 'my car broke down my battery don't start, something, he always came running," Hernandez said.

Jayden, who was only 16, a black belt in martial arts and so much more.

"Jayden loved to cook, he was the chef of the house," Hernandez said.

Angelic had moved closer to her Dad, after spending much of her life in Chicago, so family has now come from all over the world to say goodbye and be here as 8 year old Eyanna continues to fight.

"She's doing good, she's great, she's doing a whole lot better. It's going to be some time," Hernandez said.

Hernandez says family and friends will continue to fight for justice as Angelic's brother Martin Muniz sits in jail after confessing to the shooting.

He faces four counts of aggravated murder, among other charges.

The option for him to face the death penalty is still on the table.

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