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Alleged driver in Fairfield Road deadly crash into gathering denied bond

The hearing also uncovered that one of the victims was a small child who is still hospitalized with serious injuries.

RICHLAND COUNTY, S.C. — A judge denied bond for a man who was arrested for allegedly driving into a gathering on Saturday, killing one woman and injuring others in the group.

Carl Giles will remain in jail at least for now, with a representative for the family of Dr. Sonya Lewis asking that he not be granted bond since the incident involved a death.

Lewis was struck and killed on Saturday in the area of Fairfield Road and Eisenhower Drive as she and others were in a gathering nearby.

Investigators believe Giles was driving when the vehicle in question left the roadway, striking those who had gathered and not only killing Lewis but injuring two others.

It was noted in the bond hearing that one of those other victims was a young child who is still hospitalized with serious injuries. Giles faced away from the families in attendance throughout the hearing.

Currently, he faces several charges including reckless vehicular homicide, hit and run resulting in death, hit and run resulting in great bodily injury and hit and run resulting in minor personal injury.

While the bond was denied at this hearing by the judge, this can be reviewed at a later time.

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